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Sound Bath Group Meditation for harmony and inner peace

NEXT SOUND BATH – June 30th Hiroo/Azabu

Time: Doors Open from:1900 – Start:1915 – End: 2030
Place: Azabu House One – 106-0046 3-13-4 Azabu Minatoku Tokyo
(8 minutes on foot from Azabu-Juban Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Exit 4)
Price: 5000 (JPY) – by reservation only – cash only (no credit cards)
Payment: bank transfer (preferred) or cash – no credit cards accepted
Apply: Please use this website form – limited places available


Sound Bath Group Meditation are now popular in California and New York – often called:-

………….the new way to meditate…………

Do you find it easy to meditate or is it a struggle to quieten the mind from thinking?
Do you feel no benefit from or unable to go into a deep meditation?

Meditation has become a popular way to find relief from stress, to find a work-family life balance or maybe improve a relationship; personal or at workplace. However, mindfulness meditation, even when practiced correctly, can take many months before you feel the positive effects and it can take much longer to regularly achieve a deep meditation.

With silent mediation, the second you try not to think about things…….. you can’t stop.
Sound in meditation provides a focus to help quieten the mind even of mental chatter.

Whatever your level, beginner to expert, the vibrations of the singing bowls draw you into a deeper state of meditation. The sound vibrations, from singing bowls, bring you quickly into the theta brainwave state; that of deep relaxation and healing.

Sound Bath – what the papers say…..

Sound Bath Group Meditation

In the group sessions, we meditate to find Harmony & Inner Peace

In a sound bath, you’re bathed in sound waves.
Its just like taking a hot bath;
Relax and feel the vibrations flowing over and through your body.
The waves of sound cleansing the body and the mind.
Feel a sense of floating.

Our inner harmony, physical or mental, is easily disrupted by everyday external sounds of a city like Tokyo
– trains, cars, traffic, mobiles, office noise, construction work, air conditioning,……………….

At first, we notice them and might feel uncomfortable but eventually we tune out and consciously become unaware of them.
However, each cell is still feeling those negative vibrations and negative emotions.
This leads to stress, anxiety, frustration, pessimism or maybe even depression and burnout.

However, this internal disharmony can be reversed using sound vibrations; the vibrations from traditional metal singing bowls.

Our body’s vibrations are complex and cover a wide range.
Each singing bowl,is tuned for a specific body energy centre (chakra), however, it produces a wide range of vibrations and even vibrations you cannot hear. These vibrations are felt by every cell, which then retunes your whole body and mind, bringing it back into natural harmony and inner peace.

And, the relaxation, stays with you on the way home , the next morning ………. through the next day and into the night ………..

NEXT SOUND BATH – June Hiroo/Azabu

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