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12 Weeks Program

This service is currently only available in Japanese

Based on customer feedback from our retreat program in Kochi we developed a 12 week program at our Tokyo salon.
Aiming for the same benefits as Mindfulness cleanse energy work

Incorporating counseling & work to access your sub-consciousness, which you normally are unaware of.
Then in synergy with the counseling a cleansing and therapeutic singing bowl session.
To deepen purification and release.

For further cleansing at home, we include some simple homework assignments to increase the overall benefits of the program.

With this program you will start to feel a change in just 12 weeks.

* It is possible to arrange at 6 times / 18 weeks.
Please do not hesitate to consult us.

◆ ◆ We highly recommend this program for ◆ ◆

Those who are swayed by the ups and downs of their emotions.
Those who feel influenced in relationships or at the workplace.
If you want to free yourself from restriction and limitations of the mind.
Those who want to stop to repeating the same pattern.
People who want to maintain their energy and grow.
People who want to accelerate transformation and live a happy life

For physical body cleansing & detox, we also recommend taking a retreat once a year.


12 Weeks (sessions in Japanese only) Time Price
12 Weeks Program (Max.18 wks)  Session 6 times + homework assignments



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